Haze And Fog Machines


Haze And Fog Machines Rental

  • 5 High End Systems F100 Smoke Machine
  • 2 ANTARI FT-100 ELATIONPRO fog machine
  • 4 Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA DMX LED Light & Fog Machine
  • 12 Reel Effects DF-50 diffusion Hazers (Oil Based)
  • 2 Reel Effects DF-50 diffusion hazers (Water Based)
  • 2 Antari HZ 1000
  • 2 Robe F500 FT Pro Hazer
  • 1 LSG PF1-9D system with road case (requires high or low presure CO2)
  • 2 MDG ME1 Smoke machine (requires high presure CO2)
  • 1 MDG Ice Fog Q Low fog Generator (requires a Dewer CO2 tank)
  • 2 MDG ATMe high output haze machine (requires high presure CO2 tank)
  • 1 Ultratec/Le Maitre  LSG MKII Low Smoke Generator (requires high or low presure CO2 tank)

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