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Tama Starclassic Bubinga 10″/12″/14″/16″/22″ DW EDGE 14″X 6″ A mixture of metal alloy with 10-ply maple
Tama Roadpro Series Boom Cymbal Stand Pearl Masters Studio Birch (8”/10”/12”/14”/16”/22”) Snare 14″x 6″
Tama Roadpro Series Snare Stand Pearl Masters All Maple Shell SST 14″ X 5 1/2″
Tama Hh905d Tama Iron Cobra Lever Glide HH Stand Pearl S1330B Piccolo Snare Drum – 3×13 Inches, Steel
Tama Mc69 Single Tom Attachment Ludwig Classic Maple (10″/12”/13”/14”/16”/18″/22”)
DW Collectors Series Maple (8″/ 10”/12”/13″/14”/16”/18″/22”) Ludwig Snares Black Magic 14″X 6,5″
DW Collectors Series Edge Snare (14”X 5,5″) Ludwig Snare 14″X 8″
DW 9000 Hi Hat Stand Ludwig Epic 10″ X 7″ Snare
DW 5000 Hi-Hat stand Ludwig Atlas Pro Hardware
DW 9000 Straight Boom Cymbal Stand Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (10”/12”/14”/16”/22”)
DW 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Snare Drum 14 x 6 in. Red
DW 3000 Bass Drum Pedal Yamaha 800 Series Hardware
DW 9000 Double Bass Drum Pedal Gretsch USA CUSTOM ( 8″/10″/12″/14″/16″/20″/22″) Snare (14″X 6,5″)
DW 5000 Double Bass Drum Pedal Gretsch Signature 12″ x 7 Mark Schulman 8.6mm-thick, 9-ply maple




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